Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Time to train those children

Live in nanny
Looking for a live in nanny please tell me more about yourself what you are looking for I would like to go back to my job which was days but need a nanny for my kids

This woman can’t construct a sentence, so it’s a given I’ll despise her children as well, who I’m guessing probably only communicate with flailing gestures and gorilla-esque chest pounding. But hey, mostly everyone not in advertising seem to range in the discontent to depressed range anyway, so I may as well try to be normal for once.

My response to the posting:
Dear likely single mother,

I’m interested in your Craigslist position for a nanny. I should say from the start that although I have no experience with kids whatsoever, I maintained several moderately successful ant farms throughout my childhood. Luckily, the guiding principles are the same.

For instance, your children will receive top of the line discipline. If they are clearly out of line, I will shake them violently in a large plastic container until they learn their lesson. The length of the shaking will obviously vary by age, so you can expect any babies you may have to receive a significant amount of personal attention. Also, I request that you supply the large plastic container. And some bags of sand.

I will also require a small subsidy for alcohol, as it is necessary when dealing with children in groups. However, I do promise to only drink moderately, unless it is a special occasion like a Wednesday afternoon.

My pants will be on at least 90% of the time.

Hope to hear back soon!

Verdict: APPLIED