Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I would enjoy giving failing grades

Teach English Overseas!
Would you like to teach English overseas? We are an overseas teacher recruitment company looking for teachers or people wanting to teach English overseas.

Hey, I know parts of English. It’s like a job match made in heaven.

But wait. Nice try, universe. They almost got me with the generic promise of an "overseas" adventure, which most likely would be better described as a grueling test of survival in a destitute African village with reservations at a zero star hut made of twigs and dried cow shit. It’s almost a step below my parents’ basement.

Also, I’m pretty sure the class sizes would be horrendous. Though they’d definitely shrink as the semester continued, given the onslaught of SARS, swine flu, AIDS, genocide and the plague. But I’m not sure I have shots for all those for myself either. Do you get the genocide shot at birth? Or is it like an every ten years thing?

But here’s the real issue: what will happen if I train all those people in English? We all know it’s the life dream of every disadvantaged African child to travel to the United States for a career in promoting excessive American consumerism. Yup, they’ll steal all the copywriting jobs, leaving me stuck traveling the third world teaching my bastardized version of English in a perpetual cycle that never results in me writing the next great ad campaign.

Well, I don’t think so. The only thing I’ll teach those kids is sign language. Try writing something with that.

Verdict: Sorry, I’ll PASS.