Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Basement Boy gets a job

Can you believe it? After nearly twenty million offers, basement boy accepted a job he’s not too good for (though it was close). I’ll soon be an employed copywriter, so any good ad campaign you notice a few months from now will most likely be my work.

To everyone who has grown to worship me, I wish I could thank you each individually. But I only have so long to live, and I really don’t give a shit about you.

If you want to make an awesome movie or just want to exchange dirty email conversations, will forward to my real email from now through eternity. Seriously, if you don’t make money off my screenplays, you’ll find someone else who does pissing on you from the top of a balcony someday.

I’m done with this blog and my parents’ basement. Good luck finding something better to read.